Diets? Fat and Sugar? There is plenty of wonky-thinking associated with this.

Nah! We are too complicated an organism to diet.  The best advice is: avoid seed oils, sugar and assemble your food at home from whole ingredients.

For a very refreshing look at sugar (especially fructose), fats, the food industry and dieting have a listen to this Big Ideas interview.  I can really recommend it, along with doing the 5 Rites every morning!

Salaams Slim

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Thinking Farmers . . . from the “Life in a Teaspoon” series.

Pennie Scott takes us on journey outwards from ourselves – what makes us tick –  through vocabulary to the world, what we are and what we eat.

Next Teleseminar Tomorrow 12.00 noon
A 12 Teleseminar series linking
Soil Health to Human Health
We are putting together an exciting group of speakers,
we are still pulling together the program, however
the second of 12 Teleseminar’s happens TOMORROW
When : Wednesday 21st March
Time : 12.00 Noon Sydney Time
Our second speaker is Pennie Scott from the Bush Food Goddess.
We are going to emerge from the soil to look at the food we produce from a healthy soil. Pennie is going to take us on a journey of passion about food and it’s source.
The second in the excellent “Life in a teaspoon” series.  Or go to the KLRaudio link.

Salaams Slim


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Noam Chomsky and the Edward Said Memorial Lecture 2011

Better late than never . . . here is the 2011 ESML,

Salaams Slim

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Eve Ensler – the author of the Vagina Monologues

Have a listen to Eve Ensler . . . a far-ranging interview linking and expressing different aspects of wonky thinking.

Quote, “Congo is where capitalism, colonialism, racism and sexism have all come together in one mad cauldron . . .”.  But the interview is not just about Africa . . . it’s about dreams and visions not [compulsive] ambitions . . .

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What you need to know cannot be taught . . . leadership and the present lack of it!

Why is society intolerant of leaders . . .  what is best practice (and why it is so bad) . . . Trevor Macdonald v’s Tony Blair?  All these and more are revealed in this lecture by Professor Frank Furedi.

It is about 50 minutes in duration, if you can only listen for a brief period then listen to the first 5 minutes for a rather scathing review of present day European leaders.

Leadership is a stool with three legs: initiative, presence and ability to judge.  Simple to say but really hard to be.

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desertification . . . thought you knew why it occurred?

Allan Savory joins that select group of thinkers featured by wonkythinking.  He is a pathfinder of note.  Years of life, experience and science in Africa has shown him a different truth.

This 1 hour, edited, video gives some of the pith of his wisdom.  Predators, prey and some fundamentally wonky thinking behind our decision making.  This thinking has been present in the last 22 civilisation collapses.



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Jane Caro in a debate on religion

I really enjoy posting in the category “Women overcoming wonky thinking”.   And this one is a cracker!

This video shows Jane Caro as the second speaker opposing the motion: Atheists are wrong.

The debate started with philosophy and moralising from the believers.  This was all very heady, stultifying and correct.  Then in sweeps someone pragmatic, who has experienced the physical reality of living with religion – a woman. This was a ray of sunshine. No philosophy here, just raw practicalities.  Jane Caro was clever, witty, and a real knockout. She made it very evident that god is manmade.

Even Buddhism and the Dalai Lama got it in the neck – hard to do, but she did!



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“Anti-Americanism” is a totalitarian concept – Oh, the irony – Noam Chomsky

He has just received the Sydney Peace Prize.  Here are two interviews and there are some videos to watch too.

Suffice to say he vocalises the mainstream anger. I don’t feel it is necessary to elaborate on this anger. If you, as a reader, don’t understand this anger then you are probably in the 1%.

A 55 minute Phillip Adams interview. There are videos to be downloaded here too and some interesting comments.

And a 25 minute Sunday Profile interview with Julia Baird.  This introduced me to Chomsky’s term for Wall Street – as a precariat – a group of people in a precarious existence.

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NATO ironies: Libya and the French, US and UK involvement

Maybe NATO (or in other languages – OTAN) should have a reappraisal of their acronym?

OTAN – Oil Trade needs Another Negotiator? Obviously Gadaffi wasn’t cutting the deals towards the West – he liked talking to Italy and Russia.  Step up, the next negotiator . . . but don’t forget that we (OTAN) carry a big, democratic stick.

NATO – Need Another Treaty for your Oil?  After we’ve finished with you, you will.

NATO – Not enough oil (or irony) in Syria to Act againsT anOther dictator-driven anti-democratic and humanitarian crisis?

I rather pity the special forces on the ground – if any were killed, or perhaps worse, wounded – to be so obviously fighting and dying for BP (UK) and Total (France).

It all seems so strange after the Gaddafi rapprochement with the West over the last decade . . .  A salutary reminder that there is nothing so murky or mucky as oil and that it is an industry driven by short-termism – one of the pillars of wonky thinking.

Big luv  Slim

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Definitely not wonky thinking: Wade Davis – an anthropologist talks sense on many levels

The scope of the talk, the timeless wisdom of other cultures and the lucidity of Davis’ words all contribute to making this a very worthwhile 55 minute listen.

And unlike watching tv – you can do something creative at the same time.

Big luv Slim

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Quadruple dip recession . . . Steve Keen explains.

Do you remember Japan?  It has been stagnating for years . . . what I didn’t know is that the IMF and the US were telling them from the outset to get rid of their zombie banks. Zombie banks that had over-extended their credit.  The Japanese kept their zombie banks alive and tried to come through their recession with deficit spending and austerity.

Can you feel a grand irony coming?  Well guess what is happening in the US, now?  The zombie banks are running the system.   It is like one of those high speed car crashes that devolves into slow motion.  Steve Keen explains it much better, here.

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What we need are pathfinders not conservatives – and a couple are named below.

If you always DO what you have always DONE, then you will always GET what you have always GOT.  Times have changed.

And are continuing to change with increasing rapidity.   The old methods worked well, at times and previously.  There is, however, a developing realisation vide the riots in Greece and the Occupy demonstrations that the old conservative methods are not going to work in this delicate changing situation as the human population expands into a shrinking, and climate conflicted, ecosystem.

So what we need now are pathfinders not conservatives.  Pathfinders will have the courage to move ahead, to think ahead, to survey the geo-financial and political terrain ahead.  Paradoxically the answers might lie more in the past as we find that we cannot eat the surpluses of dollar bills.

I have no idea of your belief systems; you may or may not believe in climate change or the merits of the bailouts might suit your ideology. There are other ways of doing things – but first you have to think of them.

This article,  while ridiculing the extravagance of our governments and bankers; does gain more kudos for not only pointing out the issues, it actually comes up with some suggestions. Furthermore it gives illumination to two names that I think are pathfinding a way forward out of this global financial and environmental mess. Tim Jackson and Herman Daly. Worth a read just to see their names out there.

Salaams Slim

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Prosperity without growth . . . is possible.

Prosperity without growth? Is possible.

“. . . the problem in our economy is the one thing that economists have in their system which does not obey the laws of physics. And that is money. Money is the symbol of wealth, and yet it operates on laws which contradict the laws that wealth operates on.”

No wonder the “Masters of the Universe” have made such a cock-up of the economy!

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Banks and wealth . . .

Enjoy this short film . . . debt, debt and double inflation . . .  and maybe understanding debt . . . and penury and slavery.

Don’t forget that the US financial “services sector also accounted for more than 78 percent of US Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2009.” U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of Labor Statistics, ‘Employment by Sector’, January 2010 – now that is a scary concept (especially just after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) in 2008), a sector that makes products like: “nada”, “rien”, “nothing” and “zilch” was 4/5 of the US economy.

And yet they consistently make us poorer through inflation and bailouts.

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Artificial photosynthesis – this could be a game-changer!

Have a twenty minute listen to Thomas Faunce . . . explain how nanotechnology might make some monumental changes to the world.  An artificial photosynthetic unit on every house? Car?

Now, the oil companies will love that.  They’ll have to come up with a plan to invade the sun.

Salaams Slim

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Agriculture, Theme Weddings, Rotating Hunger, Suicide . . . and a Comment on Indian and World Media

An absolute classic rebroadcast of a 2005 interview with Palagum Sainath.  Twenty or so minutes of world class wonkiness.

Then, perhaps, journey over to YouTube and have a ten minute viewing of Sainath talking about Indian and World Media . . . Tom Friedman takes a slagging.

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A repost from a comment on Slate

“There is nobody in this country who got rich on their own. Nobody. You built a factory out there – good for you. But I want to be clear. You moved your goods to market on roads the rest of us paid for. You hired workers the rest of us paid to educate. You were safe in your factory because of police forces and fire forces that the rest of us paid for. You didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory… Now look. You built a factory and it turned into something terrific or a great idea – God bless! Keep a hunk of it. But part of the underlying social contract is you take a hunk of that and pay forward for the next kid who comes along.”

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We’ll leave it there: Jay Rosen on political journalism

What a ripper.  Yes, and really ripping the clothes off journalists.  Revealing the power of the unelected and their ego-hunger.

A gem of a 25 minute interview.

Big luv


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The Challenge of Managing Change

This is an excellent online lecture, given by Garry McDouall, presented by my friend and colleague, Dr. Christine Jones – aka The Carbon Goddess.

He challenges that sustainability is not adequate – we need to be regenerating.  Although this is agriculturally inclined it is well worth the 60 minutes.

Big luv



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Fukushima: Haruki Murakami’s speech in Barcelona

In his acceptance speech after receiving the Catalunya Prize Haruki Murakami elaborated on his country after now suffering two nuclear disasters (that is if you link Hiroshima and Nagasaki into one event).  Read a translation here.

He describes how the words facing “reality” about nuclear power was really a way of saying “convenience”  . . .

Most disturbing, to me – who has dug and buried quite a number of bodies, than the 100,000 people who have had to move, who have lost their livelihoods, homes and communities, the continuing leaking of radioactivity, and the short-termism of the planning; are the 1000 radioactive bodies that no one knows quite what to do with.  Read or listen here.  That they may have been killed in the tsunami and then become irradiated doesn’t detract from the fact that they are now untouchable . . .


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