WonkyThinking is about wonky thinking.

It is not just that.  It is also about things that interest me from food, soil, books, carbon, grubby compromises, health and rehabilitation, saunas and swimming in rivers.

Feel free to let rip with your applause at the wonky thinking or join the conversation.

Please remember, before we get totally confused:

Data isn’t information, information isn’t knowledge, and knowledge isn’t wisdom.

And from my wisest of counsellors:

Just remember the difference between facts and drawing conclusions. Most of the time we can get to the facts. Most of the errors we make are in the conclusions we draw from those facts. Generally speaking people use facts to justify their conclusions. This isn’t to say all conclusions are wrong, just that facts don’t then make you right about any conclusions you draw from them. In a way conclusions are the fun bit where you apply your own intelligence to the facts. Because they are the fun bits they may also be bad for you because you then get it all wrong but because you know a few facts it somehow seems like your conclusions must also be facts.

Also forgive the typos . . . and gram-mare.

Big Luv and Salaams

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