Austerity: You cannot solve a solvency issue with a liquidity tool . . . . and other gems.

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an excellent lecture, (shooting from the hip, as I haven’t managed to fully digest it), that is broad in its scope, lucid in its delivery, amusing in its irony – not least the slagging of Locke, Hume and Smith by a fellow scot – illuminating on economics philosophers, the catastrophic dangers of banks (and money) and our self-serving political masters.

You can check out the lecture notes here. Warning standby to “rewind” the podcast to re-listen.

Some gems . . . debt is an investment . . . 86% of German GDP is . . . Deutsche Bank (and they lied about their losses)!  Quantitative easing is an indication of the failure of a political system.  Economists being the mouthpiece of the political and economic elites at [their] stupidest!

It is also very scary when taken in historical context . . . reaping a whirlwind.

Enjoy this however and have a lovely day,

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