Two fascinating interviews – on Hugo Chavez and pregnant women in the US.

A sympathetic and cogent discussion on Hugo Chavez, his actions and his possible legacy.  Interestingly the reversal of role of South America from US sponsored backyard peopled by dictators and torturers to group of states that are growing and free standing has been given light by the report of Soros Foundation in which it was reported that South America was the only region that did not host US rendition, torture or black sites.

Abortion – yikes a fraught and tricky subject on many levels.  Nowhere is it more tricky and, even worse, predicated on “common sense” (as opposed to peer-reviewed data) than the US.  A shocker of a story.  Smacks rather of the “rage to punish” as seen in my Gareth Pierce post.

Best aye, Slim

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