A hoot of a lecture on leadership and democracy; PTSD, fearlessness and their links to abuse

A really fascinating (if fast spoken) 50 minute lecture dealing with democracy and its interaction with leadership. The lecturers pick their way through the different types of democracy and different types of leadership.

All you ever needed to pull away from any inclination to run for public office.  Or all the more reason to embrace it if you are a hand-on-heart Tony Blair, Chris Huhne or John Howard.

There is a tenuous link between the lecture and this interview.  It is funny how parents and other people in authority don’t listen.  I suspect they have given up the idea of respecting those beneath them if they ever had it.  So chance your arm at this 50 minute interview with Dr. Jessica Stern.  She didn’t realise why she was so fearless.  Well, she has helped me understand why I was fearless in the past.   I also understand when she said her father didn’t listen to her.

Enjoy, yours sleepily, Slim



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