A great story on Brazil 2016

It also gives me the opportunity to address the memory of PF.  PF was not one of those people who stood by and watched bullies bullying.  He was shot and killed in a hold-up in Brazil 20 years ago this year.  In this instance he wasn’t standing up to a bully, it was a robbery with tragic consequences.  He inspires me to this day.

So this 20 minute story is like a breathe of fresh air.  Brazil defeating inflation. Brazil reducing violence. Brazil lifting 30-40 million out of poverty. Brazil having borders that march with 9 (or 10?) other South American countries and yet manages to avoid wars. Brazil’s ex-President Cardoso who makes Tony Blair look like the slime ball he is. Brazil having a 20 year governmental planning cycle for eradicating poverty, education etc.  Brazil rev’d up as hosts for the 2014 football world cup and then for the 2016 Olympics.

There is plenty here that was new to me and, I suspect, to many in the Occident including our hubristic politicians. Great story, great interview, enjoy.

Salaams Slim

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