Two interesting (to me) stories: Oh, not soil again? And, is there a radical hope in our blind spot?

Well, a blast from the past here as I heard Rattan Lal’s name in the line-up.  Who?  Lal is a world renowned soil scientist who’s work features heavily in the background to my work today.  Pithy stuff such as, solve the soil carbon issue and you will solve carbon sequestration issues and hence climate change . . .  but strangely no-body wants to listen.  Why not make a difference and have a listen.  You can even comment here or at the source.

And linked somehow, but not necessarily in any way that I can identify spritely at this late hour, is this story on the ethics of societal collapse.  What is your blind spot?  Have a listen to a discussion on the Crow indian collapse after they went onto the reservation. It might hasten your decision to investigate our collective blind spot.  And a radical hope might make a triumvirate with NO and Bob.

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