The Posterity Law – revising the actions of our “representatives”.

Just an idea.

We have a world, one world.  It is finite.  It is longterm.  Eons.  Think of the time it takes to evolve.

We have a number of political systems; and the general rules governing them might be: immediate, personal and short-term.

Is there no way in which we can suspend the statute of limitations? The statute of limitations can be roughly explained as a law (or statute, in this case) that prevents a person, who has been damaged, from bringing a case against the damaging person outside a three year period.

So we have a disjunct between two systems.  The planet and the systems upon it.

You might with climate change, rampant consumerism, defunct capitalism think that there is nothing wrong.  Or you might think that there is a problem.

I tend towards the latter.  And as such I am trying to come up with an idea where politicians who make short term decisions when they know that there are long term implications are held to account for their actions – simple really.

So the points to be proved are:  Knowledge of the implications? Sidelining of data? Blatant lies?

Shooting from the hip, I call for a new law on the statute books of nations and super-national bodies that allows for politicians that work to a short-term agenda to be held to account.  There should be tribunals at national and international levels that meet and review the actions of politicians at 5, 10, 15 and 20 year points after the actions were taken.

Politics, power and the world have changed.  The impact of an individual’s action can be huge.  I think that actions, both the good and bad, done by such people needs to audited and either lauded or reproved.

Salaams Slim

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