Syria – an antidote to the “infant media” coverage.

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here are a couple of interesting comments.  Depending on your available time there are two avenues to follow – or you may decide to investigate one and then consider approaching the other.  Firstly, you might consider listening to a 25 minute chat on LNL which gives airtime to Jeremy Warner (assistant editor of the Daily telegraph) and Prem Shankar Jha (from The Hindu).  The two discussions are ostensibly on the new BRICS Bank, the more interesting part that I highlight in my title, is in the second half of Prem’s where the discussion moves on to Syria.

If you have more time you can read the backing articles by the two authors – Jeremy Warner’s and Prem Shankar Jha’s.

For me the differences between the two, when discussing the BRICS Bank, illuminates the differences between the mindset between the East and the West.  And it all hinges on the mind that is behind the opinion.  The West’s economies have been stagnating, if taken without the liberalisation of the financial markets, since the late 70s/early 80s.  And this is reflected in the mindset/opinion of the Telegraph editor – conservative and braking.  The BRICS are thriving and accelerating and this is reflected in Prem Jha’s standpoint.

The latter’s opinion on Syria (and the seemingly uncontrollable militarism of the West) reflects my understanding of Syria.  The colour palette required to paint a picture of Syria (you might substitute the US here) has a diverse and often times conflicting array of pigments.  As ever it is the “infant media”, at the beck and call of their owners and in line with their own lifetime trajectory, that paints a childishly simplified picture for the western public.

For those with an interest in differing analysis I cannot recommend more highly some of the reportage that comes out of sub-continent – type “India” into the search field on this blog and you will find other sources/comments.

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