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Quote: “Cycles of fasting were working as well as chemotherapy”.

Don’t most scientists, and all people for that matter, love to cherry-pick their data to support their arguments?  Ok, I’ll own that one. And cherry-picking is something that we would all have done over our hunter-gatherer history. The quote in … Continue reading

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Many people think that humans are the greatest, highest evolved, wisest, cleverest of the animals on the planet.  Some even claim that we are made in God’s image.  I tend to disagree; we are just an ape who has, by … Continue reading

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The Posterity Law – revising the actions of our “representatives”.

Just an idea. We have a world, one world.  It is finite.  It is longterm.  Eons.  Think of the time it takes to evolve. We have a number of political systems; and the general rules governing them might be: immediate, … Continue reading

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Syria – an antidote to the “infant media” coverage.

Hi there, here are a couple of interesting comments.  Depending on your available time there are two avenues to follow – or you may decide to investigate one and then consider approaching the other.  Firstly, you might consider listening to … Continue reading

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More big, fat lies

If you saw the post below on Diets you might already have found this summary of the book.  If you haven’t here it is. If you are too lazy to read or listen – basically avoid seed oils! Enjoy . … Continue reading

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