Thinking Farmers . . . from the “Life in a Teaspoon” series.

Pennie Scott takes us on journey outwards from ourselves – what makes us tick –  through vocabulary to the world, what we are and what we eat.

Next Teleseminar Tomorrow 12.00 noon
A 12 Teleseminar series linking
Soil Health to Human Health
We are putting together an exciting group of speakers,
we are still pulling together the program, however
the second of 12 Teleseminar’s happens TOMORROW
When : Wednesday 21st March
Time : 12.00 Noon Sydney Time
Our second speaker is Pennie Scott from the Bush Food Goddess.
We are going to emerge from the soil to look at the food we produce from a healthy soil. Pennie is going to take us on a journey of passion about food and it’s source.
The second in the excellent “Life in a teaspoon” series.  Or go to the KLRaudio link.

Salaams Slim


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