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Eloquent, articulate, intelligent – the only face of Julian Assange

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED If you can, take the time to listen to this 25 minute interview with Julian Assange by Norman Swan.  Also you might take the time to read some of the comments – there is some drivel but there … Continue reading

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Diets? Fat and Sugar? There is plenty of wonky-thinking associated with this.

Nah! We are too complicated an organism to diet.  The best advice is: avoid seed oils, sugar and assemble your food at home from whole ingredients. For a very refreshing look at sugar (especially fructose), fats, the food industry and … Continue reading

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Thinking Farmers . . . from the “Life in a Teaspoon” series.

Pennie Scott takes us on journey outwards from ourselves – what makes us tick –  through vocabulary to the world, what we are and what we eat. Next Teleseminar Tomorrow 12.00 noon “LIFE IN A TEASPOON” A 12 Teleseminar series linking … Continue reading

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Noam Chomsky and the Edward Said Memorial Lecture 2011

Better late than never . . . here is the 2011 ESML, Salaams Slim

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