NATO ironies: Libya and the French, US and UK involvement

Maybe NATO (or in other languages – OTAN) should have a reappraisal of their acronym?

OTAN – Oil Trade needs Another Negotiator? Obviously Gadaffi wasn’t cutting the deals towards the West – he liked talking to Italy and Russia.  Step up, the next negotiator . . . but don’t forget that we (OTAN) carry a big, democratic stick.

NATO – Need Another Treaty for your Oil?  After we’ve finished with you, you will.

NATO – Not enough oil (or irony) in Syria to Act againsT anOther dictator-driven anti-democratic and humanitarian crisis?

I rather pity the special forces on the ground – if any were killed, or perhaps worse, wounded – to be so obviously fighting and dying for BP (UK) and Total (France).

It all seems so strange after the Gaddafi rapprochement with the West over the last decade . . .  A salutary reminder that there is nothing so murky or mucky as oil and that it is an industry driven by short-termism – one of the pillars of wonky thinking.

Big luv  Slim

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