What we need are pathfinders not conservatives – and a couple are named below.

If you always DO what you have always DONE, then you will always GET what you have always GOT.  Times have changed.

And are continuing to change with increasing rapidity.   The old methods worked well, at times and previously.  There is, however, a developing realisation vide the riots in Greece and the Occupy demonstrations that the old conservative methods are not going to work in this delicate changing situation as the human population expands into a shrinking, and climate conflicted, ecosystem.

So what we need now are pathfinders not conservatives.  Pathfinders will have the courage to move ahead, to think ahead, to survey the geo-financial and political terrain ahead.  Paradoxically the answers might lie more in the past as we find that we cannot eat the surpluses of dollar bills.

I have no idea of your belief systems; you may or may not believe in climate change or the merits of the bailouts might suit your ideology. There are other ways of doing things – but first you have to think of them.

This article,  while ridiculing the extravagance of our governments and bankers; does gain more kudos for not only pointing out the issues, it actually comes up with some suggestions. Furthermore it gives illumination to two names that I think are pathfinding a way forward out of this global financial and environmental mess. Tim Jackson and Herman Daly. Worth a read just to see their names out there.

Salaams Slim

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