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NATO ironies: Libya and the French, US and UK involvement

Maybe NATO (or in other languages – OTAN) should have a reappraisal of their acronym? OTAN – Oil Trade needs Another Negotiator? Obviously Gadaffi wasn’t cutting the deals towards the West – he liked talking to Italy and Russia.  Step … Continue reading

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Definitely not wonky thinking: Wade Davis – an anthropologist talks sense on many levels

The scope of the talk, the timeless wisdom of other cultures and the lucidity of Davis’ words all contribute to making this a very worthwhile 55 minute listen. And unlike watching tv – you can do something creative at the … Continue reading

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Quadruple dip recession . . . Steve Keen explains.

Do you remember Japan?  It has been stagnating for years . . . what I didn’t know is that the IMF and the US were telling them from the outset to get rid of their zombie banks. Zombie banks that … Continue reading

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What we need are pathfinders not conservatives – and a couple are named below.

If you always DO what you have always DONE, then you will always GET what you have always GOT.  Times have changed. And are continuing to change with increasing rapidity.   The old methods worked well, at times and previously. … Continue reading

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Prosperity without growth . . . is possible.

Prosperity without growth? Is possible. “. . . the problem in our economy is the one thing that economists have in their system which does not obey the laws of physics. And that is money. Money is the symbol of … Continue reading

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Banks and wealth . . .

Enjoy this short film . . . debt, debt and double inflation . . .  and maybe understanding debt . . . and penury and slavery. Don’t forget that the US financial “services sector also accounted for more than 78 percent … Continue reading

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Artificial photosynthesis – this could be a game-changer!

Have a twenty minute listen to Thomas Faunce . . . explain how nanotechnology might make some monumental changes to the world.  An artificial photosynthetic unit on every house? Car? Now, the oil companies will love that.  They’ll have to … Continue reading

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Agriculture, Theme Weddings, Rotating Hunger, Suicide . . . and a Comment on Indian and World Media

An absolute classic rebroadcast of a 2005 interview with Palagum Sainath.  Twenty or so minutes of world class wonkiness. Then, perhaps, journey over to YouTube and have a ten minute viewing of Sainath talking about Indian and World Media . … Continue reading

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