The world’s limited storyline – antidotes to the infant media tat.

Have you had a chance to look at the news running on the Infant Media? It is extraordinary how limited the world’s storyline, on the Infant Media platform, is when you consider that the human population of the planet is fast approaching 7 billions.

There is no surprise in this as the media is now an industry of colossal proportions with aims contrary to its best and often stated intentions (- do you like the wonky action of it spinning to itself – I suppose if you are going to deceive you might as well start with yourself!). And, like many industries, it is suffering and struggling to manage its survivability in a time of shrinking resources and sustainability.   Now as it spins away, it dulls the senses and creates easy dependency and mediocrity.  Please excuse that dreadful and unintended pun.  What a tragic outcome (perhaps endcome) to what, originally, were some fine organs.

The good news is that evolution hasn’t been privatised and so the lifecycle of media organs continues to evolve.  There are new organs being created that now furnish more news and perhaps, somewhere, more truth.

The trouble is that chasing real news can be time consuming . . . but here are some outlets that might stimulate your senses, burnish your independence and allow you to sparkle as a member of the human population.

Alphabetically, we can start with Alternet.

Then move on to Common Dreams.

Then try Greanville Post.

Lastly, for the moment, please consider Truthdig.

Each of the above has its merits and areas of responsibility or interest.  As do each of you. And together we might actually make a more positive future than the rather tatty story on offer at the moment through the Infant Media.

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