Relationships, torture and the rest of the world

What is so wonky about people thinking that the word relationship is singular?  Why is it that people think that a relationship is singular?  Does it make it easier to say?  Does it make it less complicated?  A relationship between two people or entities is made up of two parts; the relationship of the first with the second and the relationship of the second with the first.  It is often easy to forget the second part.

This was brought to mind when I listened to this podcast on torture.

It was illustrated in this podcast that the FBI only uses empathetic interrogation.  They used this with great success in their pursuit of the 1998 East African Embassy bombers.  The vast majority of those captured, have been tried and convicted using the law. (Ironically this may be suspect as the Peirce essay on Non-Compliance illuminates.  And some are being held, subsequent to Afghanistan, in Guantanamo.)  It is alleged that the greater portion of all active intelligence gained on al Qaeda was gained at this time.

Subsequent to 9/11 the FBI was sidelined in its work on counter terrorism both, in general, in the Bush regime’s attack on civil liberties and, in particular, because of its refusal to use torture. Since then the CIA has been at the forefront of this long War on Terror racket.  There are some other points of wonkiness.  Torture, it appears, will harden the performance of an activist.  It will also change the behaviour of the perpetrators.  They will often go on to lead coups vide the French in Algeria.

I would suggest that although both the US and the CIA’s move away from the law and habeus corpus might have prevented some terrorism activities, it has caused more serious problems around the world.

I leave you to consider torture as it impacts on relationships.  And relationships can be considered between infants, people, faiths, nations and power blocs.  All the back and white thinking, all the machismo, all the posturing and all the short-termism that is witnessed by the other side of the relationship can only be mirrored in a certain way.  And contempt on one side of a relationship, is sure to engender contempt on the other.

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