I don’t suppose that “no news is good news” with regard to Bahrein?


You can find some good stuff at The Greanville Post.  Have a look at this story about a deal between the US and Saudi Arabia while both (actually it is more of a party now) go fiddling, like paedophiles, with Libya and Bahrein.  You probably will not find much in the infant media on the Bahrein part of this.

When a war is spoken of as a humanitarian issue . . . it looks like something smelly, and indeed, smells like something smelly.  There has to be a cost benefit to the expending of all that ammunition.  Just like all the other non-existant humanitarian interventions on behalf of, for example, the Palestinians, the Rwandans or the Zimbabweans, slim pickings to be had there.  Bosnia, well that intervention did eventually get off the ground but mainly because the victims, though muslim, were white.  While Kuwait, well, that was different, of course, nothing dark or liquid (I meant sinister) there.  Or the proxy intervention, for example, by Ethiopia in Somalia.  Smelly.


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