Gareth Peirce, justice and dehumanised, orange jump-suited men.

For her, for Gareth is a woman, justice is not the monetary justice that so often unjustly fills the gap in law between plaintiff and defendant.

She stalks the murky area of law that has been muddied since the US Patriot Act; and since justice in the UK, for the Irish before 9/11 and afterwards for the followers of Islam, became injustice.

There are a number of her essays at the London Review of Books.

If you wish, and are interested in al-Megrahi, Libya and lots more, have a read here. Expert witnesses, geo-political expediency and dodgy scientists,  you can see why the UK got so good at dodgy dossiers – ugly.

Here is a link to one of the other essays – displaying a more international flavour of her analysis.  Would love to have some comment from anyone in N. America on the extremities of the US “rage to punish” phenomenon – very ugly.

You can listen to a 30 minute to an ABC Radio National Law Report on the Birmingham 6 etc with an interview with Gareth Peirce – ugly.

Just another example of how wonky thinking is getting us into crazy, uncivilised, situations; and if you think this is some middle-aged reactionary saying that we are sleepwalking into trouble, then I say “aye” to that.  This trouble, however, may be a storm in a teacup in comparison to the planetary trouble that this sort of wonky thinking will culminate in.

P.s. if you have little sympathy for these men due to the fact that many of them were mercenaries please allow me to draw attention to the imbalance/wonky thinking of this when I ask you to consider the fate of two white British mercenaries: Tim Spicer and Simon Mann of Sandline, Executive Outcomes and the Wonga Coup infamy, both with hearty establishment connections, then and now, milling around with the the Whitehall mandarins at White’s of St James’s.  And of their black Angolan mercenaries rotting at Pomfret in South Africa.


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