Dearlove and wikileaks

Here we have a retired guardian of the UK establishment, talking to the Cambridge Union.  Richard Dearlove, ex-chief of the UK’s Secret Intelligence Service (aka MI6) gives a talk on wikileaks and Julian Assange.  There seems to be a number of ad hominem statements about Julian Assange that follow in the footsteps of other infant media paragons like Max Hastings (for references search the Daily Mail, to your hearts content and your soul’s despair).

There seem to be a number of discrepancies between what I have heard and seen of Assange’s statements and what Dearlove propounds.  The truth . . . when you shine a light . .  will out.  Or as Alice Stewart re-quoted, “Truth is the daughter of time”.

Please listen to the end of this, edited, and secretly video‘d footage for an interesting question being platformed and then applauded.

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