The BBC’s changing role.

Director of the BBC’s Global News Service, Peter Horrocks, in a 32 minute chat on LNL.

Listening, however, I did find the notes of sycophancy combined with words like impartial, agenda setting et cetera to be nearly vomit inducing.   This brought back disgusting memories of BBC toadies (Andrew Marr – to single one out) who pedestalised Tony Blair (a greater man) before, during and after the Invasion of Iraq.

I have included this to be partial, given my views on the infant media, but also there are some good points – one, in particular, being the manner of their new recruiting methods.  And, yes, it is a tricky time for the mainstream media so it is good to understand the issues.  They do, however, have to accept the responsibility for the reduced public interest in their product as they have become more associated with the powers-that-be than is healthy.

So if you can get through both the trite and the tat you may find something of interest here.  Glitteringly, there are some nice notes of irony in a few of the questions, that are played straight back.


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