Napoleon, human rights and shaping the future?

Have you always thought that society drove the formation of the laws that were then voluntarily imposed on itself?   Or did you think that laws were imposed to shape society?  Or, of course, did you take the grey area (and probably more likely route) and believe it was a melange of both?

Here are a couple of interesting views on this.  The first (about 27 minutes) is a more global view of how changing the law changed society.  The lecturer proposes a heady mixture of Napoleon, the law, HIV prevention and cure.  Things to look out for in this lecture: compare former President Cardoso of Brazil with, for example, Tony Blair.  One, hanging around like a bad smell, ironically, as Peace Envoy to the Middle East;  the other a giant of a figure in South America who led Brazil into its present, peaceful democratic period. It is a shame that we hear so much about the former.

The second (again 25 minutes) is a delicately amusing, powerful talk by Unity Dow, former Justice of the Botswana High Court.  Again how the imposition of law shapes society and how this can be reversed.  Enabling society to change the law.


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