Optimism, soil and kids influencing their education.

A truly excellent and good humoured 15 minutes on an optimistic view of the future.  Not just love but double luvvve for this one as it talks about an exceptional portrayal of, yes, very sexy soil use . . .   a practice that I advocate and incorporate in my soil workshops . . .   NB Please don’t be disappointed if you do not have the same reaction.

This 14 minute piece will flip you back to a previous couple of interest pieces that I have pushed out.  Namely the incredible abilities of children before they become affected by nurture.  Here kids are asked what they want from their computer . . . it is very different from what we would want them to have . . . as little replicants of us.  It ties in with the Optimistic piece above . . . as you have to dream it and then work it, for your dreams and realities to coincide.  And maybe we should be doing more of this to create a future for our kids that they might actually wish to inhabit . . .  Yikes, please don’t ask me to make use of my choices . . .

And, for contrast, here is a 25 minute piece on violence by children on children at school.   I wonder under which category: victim, bystander or bully, the headmaster and the deputy headmaster of my primary school would have been categorised.

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