Pakistan . . . two excellent stories – edited to include third story

One from an insider and one from an outsider.

Firstly, poet and writer Fatima Bhutto, on a nation on the verge of a nervous breakdown. She opened the Sydney Writers’ Festival with this erudite and deliciously, amusingly mocking 35 minute delivery.  Do you remember the house that burns its rubbish? Osama Bin Laden’s house in Abbotabad?  Well, of course, every house burns its rubbish in Pakistan as there is no rubbish collection . . .  and there is plenty more juicy stuff here.

Then have a listen to Anatol Lieven on Pakistan.  Fascinating stuff in just a 30 minute burst.

And finally as an addendum try this interview.  It is still on the theme of Pakistan, however more from a family perspective that ties in with much of Anatol’s stuff.  It is, for a second time, Fatima Bhutto.  This time being interviewed by Linda LoPresti. Sometimes I think my family is bad, but they are nothing in comparison to the Bhuttos.

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