Some wonky juxtapositions, and some good listening

Hi there,

It has been some time since I made some input here.  I have been busy turning a sauna into mobile sauna.  This has now been accomplished successfully.  I did however manage to squish the end of one finger, which makes typing tricky!

This post is really to draw your attention to some incredible stories on the radio.

First have a listen to this replay from 12 years ago, the subject is land reform in India – and, when you extrapolate with a global consideration, you will wonder what we have been doing for the last 12 years.

Then contrast that with this; after the genocidal behaviour of Pol Pot, the Cambodians find that they are in a worse place than before.

Then have a listen to this incredible artist – Reuben Margolin is a kinetic sculptor.

This one is a little highbrow, but it is really worth a listen to gain an understanding of how our use of language influences our belief systems and following on from that how we are manipulated by the politicians and the media – by making complicated issues simple . . . really.

And finally an amusing, incisive talk by David Brooks at the Commonwealth Club in California. Whatever your political stance, you might find it illuminating: “squishy and peripheral”!  There is a final segment from Michael Scheuer – former head of the Bin-Laden Unit . . . ho hum, well may be if folks in the US looked beyond their infant media they might find a world .  .  .



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